August 2, 2010


An employee recently wrote us saying, "Our supervisor ignores issues between employees until they turn into major conflicts. We have a core group in our department who seem to delight in causing trouble. They spread gossip, take the opposite view on everything to provoke a disagreement and end up dominating anyone who dares to discuss something rationally. Our supervisor just walks away when something starts and makes comments about how we are acting like a 'bunch of children'...maybe so, but not all of us. Most of us would like to have something happen to change all this and make it a better place to work."

Have you experienced conflict at your place of work? How has your supervisor handled it? What would you tell someone in this situation? Conflict is never easy to solve, so please share your experiences.


  1. Our supervisor delights in making our worklife miserable. It is beyond me how people can get promoted when they have so few "people skills."

  2. It appears to me that often people get promoted to their level of incompetence and there they sit. Since this is an often discussed idea, why do not more companies know this and do a better job of finding people who are cut out to me managers? And what traits would make a good manager? In other words, how would one recognize someone that WOULD be a good manager?