July 31, 2010


Find Your Strength
Even with the best of intentions people can send mis-leading, confusing, and inappropriate messages. Mis-communication in the workplace leads to gossip, and gossip leads to hurt feelings and hurt feelings lead to a workplace in turmoil. When a co-worker says something that appears to be hurtful, in anger or derogatory our natural instinct is to get angry (and generally not approach the person to resolve the issue). Our natural instinct it to "blow off steam" with another co-worker, not the person causing us anguish. Our natural instinct is to avoid the person which often allows the situation to fester. This topic is being posted to share with others the various ways in which we find the strength to confront the person who is causing us the anguish. What do you do? What inner strength do you use?

WORKPOINTS...The Job Performance Specialists

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If you only want to order training material...WORKPOINTS® covers eight (8) strategic areas that will resolve problems between employees, and employees and supervisors. The material covers the behaviors, attitudes and actions that create environmental chaos, cost you lost production, and wastes energy.

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July 25, 2010


  • TRUST - In spite of my efforts as a supervisor, my staff doesn't seem to trust me to have straight forward conversations.

  • RESPECT - What does it mean to have respect for the employees you supervise and for the person who supervises you?




July 20, 2010


LOYALTY---Why do employees not show as much loyalty to their companies today? What do you think it would take for employees to be loyal again to a company? Tell us a story about how your company instills loyalty.

The point was made by Goran Lindahl, former chief executive of ABB, the Swiss-Swedish industrial giant: "In the end, managers are not loyal to a particular boss or even to a company, but to a set of values they believe in and find satisfying. In an era of change, the hope is that shared purpose will provide an anchor, something to hold on to, which will make insecurity more tolerable. And in an era of innovation, purpose will justify the risks associated with innovation, which would not normally be acceptable to executives focused on profits"

From Fast Company, October 2006, page 50, quoted from the book by Niko Mourkogiannis, "Purpose: the Staring Point of Great Companies"