July 31, 2010

WORKPOINTS...The Job Performance Specialists

WORKPOINTS offers a state-of-the-art Inventory that accurately pinpoints the underlying negative characteristics prevalent in a particular workgroup and reports only those problem areas that need to be resolved. The results of the assessment creates the Targeted Training Plan and the package is completed with topic-specific training material for the participants including trainer guides.

If you only want to order training material...WORKPOINTS® covers eight (8) strategic areas that will resolve problems between employees, and employees and supervisors. The material covers the behaviors, attitudes and actions that create environmental chaos, cost you lost production, and wastes energy.

In short, we provide you with everything you need to bring about change!

1 comment:

  1. WORKPOINTS was a tremendous blessing. Our department was being destroyed by one individual, and because of the reactions of those around him it was difficult to pinpoint the precise problem. We contracted with WORKPOINTS to analyze the situation and make specific recommendations. The staff from WORKPOINTS worked with the group and helped resolve the problem once and forever.