August 1, 2010


We are all motivated by something different...motivation is a personal issue, and the fact that you are motivated by something doesn't make it good or bad. What motivates you? Can you identify it?
  • Recently, a highly talented professional commented to a human resources professional, "I find little motivation to do my best in this organization." Per the Human Resources Professional, who wrote: "Working in the Human Resources Department, I knew what compensation level he was in (much higher than me) and we were sitting in his office (twice the size of mine), so I discounted the money and ego satisfaction factors that our corporation depended upon to attract and hold onto key staff members. I told him so and then asked what was missing for him. He replied, 'you know, we may grow up and achieve what society calls success, but just like when we were little kids, we still need to hear, nice job. It's as simple as that...senior management expects excellent work from me and they get it...they take it for granted and I feel that I'm being taken for granted.

What do you say to someone when the organization doesn't acknowledge the work that the employee does?

Bill G. - Human Resources

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  1. What bugs me is that when someone IS recognized or rewarded, other teammates, rather than genuinely celebrating with their teammate, are upset because they were not recognized as well.

    As far as the organization not acknowledging an employee's work, it seems often that "management" is far to busy with their own work to have time to recognize their employees. However, this begs the question, isn't it part of "managements" job to acknowledge the achievements of their employees? Also, what constitutes something that is over and above thereby worthy of recognition versus just doing the job? This seems to me to be rather subjective.